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General Information

  • Registration
    We welcome all students and families to our school. To register your child(ren) at our school you need to bring a few documents with you. We need the original birth certificate, immunizations on the child, and one document that verifies that you reside within our attendance boundaries. These documents can be your driver’s license, lease agreement, utility bills, or anything that has your name and address on it verifying your address.

    CUSTODY ISSUES: If there are any issues (custody/restraining orders) we need to be aware of, please include this with your registration. Without the documents on file at the school, we will be unable to enforce any custody issues.

     ID card
    Drivers License
    Utility Bill
    Birth certificate 
    Birth Certificate

  • Tardy Students

    In accordance with district policy, when students are tardy, parents are to walk students into the office and sign them in.

    ClockClock Clock Clock Clock

  • Absent Students
    Please make every attempt to contact the office if your student is going to be absent from school. It is very important that the office is able to fully report absences to the district each and every day. You can also leave a message on either phone line: 584-5000 or 584-5002 if there is no answer when you try to call in for your student.
  • Morning Drop-off
    breakfastStudents are allowed to be on campus at 7:30 a.m. each morning to have breakfast in the cafeteria. Students are not permitted on cerealthe playgrounds until 7:30 a.m. Because monitors are not out on the play ground until 7:30 a.m., students may not be outside until that time.
  • Messages to students
    pen and paper Please make any arrangements for your children for after school BEFORE you send them to school each day. The ladies in the office will not interrupt classroom during instructional time to deliver messages to students.
  • After school pickup
    Please make arrangements as to where you will pick up your child each day. If an emergency arises please call the office as soon as possible to make other arrangements. By law we are required to call the police if your child has not been picked up a half hour after dismissal time.
  • Visitors/Volunteers
    It is TUSD and school policy that all visitors are to check in at the office. We have visitor/volunteer badges that will be used by all visitors, guests, and volunteers. All visitors must sign in, fill out a volunteer form and a background information card, and wear a badge to go to different areas of campus. All volunteers who are not parents of Erickson students need to have an Arizona State Fingerprint Card. This card should be copied in the office to be kept on file before person volunteers in classroom.
  • Map
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